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The Academic Staff University Union (ASUU) is a union set up in 1994 to monitor the affairs of teaching staff in tertiary institutions.

However, Unilorin students have stayed at home for so long due to the ASUU nationwide strike which began on the 14th of March 2022.

The union, ASUU has gone on strike for more than three times because the Nigerian government has refused to pay their salaries. This strike has really affected students in one way or another, for example, in terms of studies, ages, and accomplishments. 

Here are the few points at which the ASUU strike has really affected Unilorin students.

The strike has affected the school calendar because we all know that every tertiary institution works and operates based on a periodic calendar. For example, students at the University of Ilorin , Unilorin are still suffering from the last strike because the school calendar was fast forwarded and many syllabus were not covered. The last exam the university conducted was done in just 3 weeks, whereas exams are supposed to be done for a period of 3 and a half weeks, but they couldn’t because time was against them.

Not long after the fast exam, the school ordered students to leave the school due to the strike. 
It was painful to discover that ASUU had begun another strike. Up till now, the strike is still on and there is an uncertainty that the strike will be called off because the federal government is not ready to yield to ASUU’s request and it’s more like the federal government does not care about the future of the students.

Presently, students are facing a lot with this strike issue as they are sitting at home doing nothing but wait till the strike is over. 

Some belive if the Nigerian Government finally pay ASUU their money and return to class, students would still miss out because the school would be in such a rush just to balance the calendar again and it will not only affect students mentally but academically as well because many will be having issues with their grades and may find it difficult to memorize things easily due to the long break.

It is our hope that ASUU and FG will come to an agreement in order to end the strike and end this effect by paying ASUU as soon as possible.

Kindly share in the comment section below, if you have more effects of the ASUU strike on Unilorin students.

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