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ASUU strike is no longer a news as the strike hit 6 months because of failed promises by the Nigeria federal government though

According to source from Otvnaija news, Unilorin joined the strike few months ago and this is the second strike that has occurred, the first strike nearly took a year before it ended. This has affected the educational sector in nigeria and pushed the undergraduates a long way from the time and year they should graduate.

Earlier the Academic Staff Union of Universities(ASUU) announced a one-month modern strike on the 14th of February 2022 which was later ended after countless gatherings with the Federal Government to pay the union their unpaied salaries.

As University of Ilorin is concerned, the strike affected the school seriously because the school calendar was rushed just to meet up with the lost period as a result of the long strike.

The last CA tests unilorin students wrote in February was done in two weeks, last semester assessments are permitted to run for one month with the impact of the strike and pandemic there was a cutoff time to be met and for the school to retu back to how it was took time.

Just after the test, another strike began, and truly, what’s to come is dubious and the chance of the striking finishing before long is uncertain as the Federal government is not able to conclude the needful activity that will return teachers to work.

Many undergraduates are the ones who experienced the most during the strikes. The vibe of unadulterated bitterness in their countenances when they return home and stand by till instructors are gotten back to, and the most over the top difficult aspect are the rush in finishing syllables, the speakers in a bid to get done with their courses probably won’t consider the comprehension undergraduate might interpret what they educate. They simply advise them to put it down and read it before the test time frame. The test time frame likewise doesn’t lean toward the undergraduates because the time and days are jumbled together and significant courses follow one another and there will be next to zero opportunity to peruse and get ready well for the tests.

This won’t just influence student’s grades but their emotional well-being also. A lot of students in late examinations are facing serious problems because of bad grades. The ASUU strike’s impact on students is not to be disregarded.

Right now, Assu is on the fact that elections will not be carried out in ABUJA, the capital of Nigeria if they fail to attend to their requests.

Gelogy PRO, Unilorin, Adam Ali on sunday while speaking with newsmen said, the strike is taking long and goverment are to attend to this as soon as possible.

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By Justice Damilare

Justice Damilare is the founder and editor, CEO of DEEONE SCHOOL NEWS. He's an educational consultancy who is passionate about impacting students through all walks of life. He also intends to ameliorate challenges militating against education overtime through serving hand and undefiled information to students and the public.

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