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Feeding isn’t a small issue to discuss because it is very important for all living things, especially humans to survive

With the current economic status in Nigeria, 500 naira is not enough to feed a Nigerian student per day, but 1000 naira and above will help for proper feeding.

Most university students usually face challenges with feeding when the issue of the country’s economy comes up. For one reason or another, most students find it difficult to eat their regular meals throughout the day.

We all know that there has been an increase in the price of foodstuffs in the market as a result of fuel scarcity.

It was reported that a sachet of water is no more 10 naira but 20 naira now.

Many said the reason for the increase in the price of water was because most water factories need fuel to produce more sachets of water and, since there is a scarcity of fuel, it is not only affecting their business drastically but also the number of products they produce every day.

Due to this, it has affected a lot of Nigerian students who are into related businesses like this, and it seems to be more affected by the economy as people are not patronising them as they ought to.

Given the current state of affairs in the country, it is critical for students to try as hard as possible to set meal budgets.

“It is well” is the popular saying among students, especially at the University of Ibadan.

In fact, survival abilities have increased. Everyone wants to leave school and start ‘hustling’, but the current ASUU strike is keeping most students at home.

While students are waiting for a resolution between Asuu and the federal government, they are also spending a lot on food just to survive each day. As they are coping, they certainly hope it gets better.

Many students need to work on their feeding systems to avoid being stranded sometimes, and one of the ways to avoid that is by having a good spending status both in on campus and off campus.

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By Justice Damilare

Justice Damilare is the founder and editor, CEO of DEEONE SCHOOL NEWS. He's an educational consultancy who is passionate about impacting students through all walks of life. He also intends to ameliorate challenges militating against education overtime through serving hand and undefiled information to students and the public.

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